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BOYER-BRANSDEN -20 YEARS PROVEN PERFORMANCE The first commercially produced Boyer-Bransden electronic ignition was launched in 1969 for Boyer of Bromley, a then famous motorcycle dealership whose Triumph race team were experiencing trouble with the points on their race bikes. They proved an instant success. The creator of the system Ernie Bransden had already developed the design for use in his own Ford engined racing car. By the time the Lucas "Rita" system entered the arena in 1973 Boyer-Bransden were already producing the Mark 11 having then sold more than 2,000 systems. Since that time various electronic ignitions and manufacturers have come and gone, but BoyerBransden have been in constant production. The company has not stood still however, a low cost inductive discharge system which retains the conventional points is now produced along side the highly advanced MK111 and there is a new Micro Digital system with electronically controlled, programmable advance and retard. Boyer-Bransden ignitions are used by many motor cycle racers and a Boyer-Bransden system has now been taken up by a major Formula Three car race team with impressive results.

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boyer2.JPG Micro-Digital Ignition Kit
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"THE BOYER-BRANSDEN MICRO DIGITAL|The Micro Digital ignition provides almost total control over ignition functions. In common with the MK111, it offers|electronic control of advance and retard functions.But because the Micro Digital features a built in computer, the|size of a postage stamp, it can make more than a million ignition decisions per second, to constantly monitor engine speed and time the spark precisely to suit. The programming of this micro processor also gives control over ignition coil energy, starting speed, tickover stabilisation and rev limits!||In common with the MK111 these systems are manufactured using the finest semiconductors and are fully encapsulated to protect against moisture intrusion. All units are guaranteed for five years."
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boyer1.JPG Mk 3 Ignition Kit
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"THE BOYER-BRANSDEN MKI 11|AND ALTERNATOR POWERED IGNITION SYSTEMS|The Boyer-Bransden MK1 11 is a contactless ignition system utilising an advanced and patented trigger switching system and featuring electronic, advance and retard.

"Engines function best with a retarded spark for starting and low revs, but need ignition advance to run at high speed. The MK111's analogue system simply advances the spark at a set rate from fully retarded to maximum advance, as engine speed rises from zero to 4,000 revs. Thus eliminating the inaccuracy of mechanical advance/retard units.

The alternator powered versions offer the same benefits for competition machines, where lighting is not required. There is even a competition unit which will run off a 6 volt Nickel Cadmium battery. We are happy to discuss any competition requirement you may have.

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micropowerkit.JPG Boyer Micro Power Ignition Kit.
Boyer Micro Power Ignition Kit.The ultimate ignition solution, the kit comes with full instructions and dual output micropower ignition coil.(Please contact us if you require more information)
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THE ADVANTAGES OF ELECTRONIC IGNITION Electronic Ignition is now standard for the majority of new vehicles. It offers better starting, smoother running, improved fuel economy and lower emissions when compared with more traditional Systems. On certain types of older or high mileage vehicles, wear in the distributor may affect th timing and cause a falling away of performance, whilst sparking at the points burns thE contacts and wastes energy. Some classic vehicles suffer from "fragile" electrics which may be affected by vibratior or dampness, often an electronic ignition system will eliminate these problems allowinc the machine to be used with greater confidence and to its full potential. Legislation against pollution is set to become even tougher. Electronic ignition systems allow most of the available energy to reach the spark and offer more complete combustion. As such, they are an important and simple weapon in the war on pollutants, helping to keep classic machines where they belong - out on the road, not museums!

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