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Think Norton Commando - think Norvil. Think Laverda - think Slater Brothers. Think AJS or Matchless - think Northants Classic Bike Centre. Think Morini - think North Leicester Motorcycles. Think T140 Bonneville - think... erm... think, think, think. Who, exactly?

Now how can that be? The T140 in all its incarnations is one of the most useable and used and therefore oft-spotted British classic bikes of recent years. The T140 was in production (on and off and on again) (and off again) from 1973 until 1988. There are probably more 750 Bonnies and Tigers alive and roaring today than the entire output of some minor marques. So how is it that the name of the pre-eminent T140 specialist doesn't leap straight to mind?

OK, we 'fess up - that's a bit of a trick question. The T140 is so extremely popular (we're trying not to use the word 'ubiquitous') that almost every classic bike specialist stocks some spares for it, and many don't even bother to advertise the fact. Even so, it's odd that one supplier doesn't immediately spring to mind when you contemplate the T140 question, offering a one-stop-shop for the Bonnie bit buyer.

As if by magic, the T140 Shop appeared. Nestling within the auspices of Shropshire Classic Motorcycles lurks an entire T140 empire, which includes a full spare parts and literature service, bikes for sale, rebuilds, and repairs. They will even give your classic a once-over before its MoT, so you don't have to worry about any bad news on the day. Now that is a cracking idea - especially as so many classic dealers are giving up their MoT licences, and modern dealers tend to look utterly askance at our old warriors. is also the home of the T140 Club, membership of which entitles owners to 10% or more off the 600-plus items in the T140 Shop. The Shop is packed with a huge range of T140 and TR7 parts, both standard and developed items, designed to improve handling, braking, engine and transmission performance.

Which brings us back to why the T140 is so popular these days - it's because, as the most modern-yet-genuine Britbike classic, the T140 is best equipped to deal with modern roads and modern riding. Given a few tweaks and upgrades a T140 can still be used as everyday transport, should you desire, without leaving its owner shuddering by the roadside... too often.

The flaws and faults of Meriden's last gasp have long been recognised, isolated and upgraded - we have the technology! We can rebuild it! If the single-disc braking feels a little uncertain when racked up against today's ABS-equipped super-stoppers, then you can fit another disc and improved calipers. Or swap to discs made of modern materials, instead of the old chrome-skimmed ones. The T140 Shop also recommends fitting carefully selected Ferodo pads (which use a compound that works in the wet - what an idea!) for £20. If you've more to spend then a Goodridge high performance brakeline kit is 'a must have to enhance and improve the T140 stopping power.' The front end kit costs a little over seventy quid, and promises to be easy to install at home on the existing fittings.

Or does your T140 give you the steering shakes? You need a set of rubber mountings for your handlebars, then -- £23, and you can go back to traditional Triumph steering precision. Feet flapping around? The footrests on some UK models are famed for being too far forward, so swap them for some rearsets and give yourself more control over where you're going -- and place less stress on your behind!

If your T140 is a pre-E model and still uses the original points then a quick email to will help you to decide which electronic ignition system will best suit your useage - the familiar Boyer Bransden kit has been joined by a thoroughly up to date digital affair. Indeed, if you just ain't sure what part you're after, or have a problem which you can't solve, there's a query service for those really difficult, Bonneville-specific questions.

The T140 Shop offers a full online shopping system and a worldwide delivery service. Our only gripe about the site is that it can be a little bit hard to track down exactly the part you're after - do external oil filters come under 'engine' or 'frame'? - and it's a bit like a rabbit warren. Once you're in, you tend to go a-wandering and may never find the way out!

Still, if you are suddenly struck by the thought; 'T140 specialist?' you can now think; 'T140 Shop' in response, and rest easy in your bed at night...

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