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Triumph Bonneville and TR6 By Tim Remus.

For many fans of British motorcycles, Triumph represents the epitome of two-wheel design and technology. This colorful history looks back at the marque’s greatest twins: the Bonneville and TR6. Beginning with the introduction of the 650cc twincarb engine in 1956 and continuing through the company’s demise in 1983, chronicles the bikes’ development and production histories, with an emphasis on models from the 1960s and ‘70s, Triumph’s undisputed peak. Applications for both road and track are examined, and a selection of archival photography and modern color shots detail restored Bonnies and Tigers. Paperback, 270 x 210mm, l28pp 90 colour and 40 b&w illustrations ISBN: 0 7603 0665 6 NO: M1665 EAN: 9 780760 306659 RRP: £14.99 UPC: 7 52748 30665 3

NEW November 2000 Triumph Bonneville: Haynes Great Bikes Series by Steve Wilson FOREWORD BY Hughie Hancox.

For several decades, Triumph’s 'twin' engine design by Edward Turner dictated the direction of the whole motorcycle industry. For many, the best twin of all is the Triumph Bonneville. Spearhead of a highly successful export drive, winning production racer and top ‘street-fighter’ of its day, the Bonnie retains a special place in the hearts of motorcyclists worldwide. Written by the author of the well-respected six-volume British Motor Cycles Since 1950, this is an expert study of the machine and the men who helped make it an icon. Hardback, 259 x 195mm, l60pp 100 mainly colour illustrations ISBN: 1 85960 679 2 NO: H679 EAN: 9 781859 606797 RRP: £17.99 upc: 6 99414 00062 3

Triumph's 1950 to 1988.By Steve Wilson Together with companion volumes BSA and Norton, this is a reissue core material from Steve Wilson’s best-selling six-volume series on classic British motor cycles since 1950— roadsters of 250cc and ov With new introductions, they incorporate company stories, made histories, and detailed year-by-yeai machine changes. Hardback, 235 x 197mm, 192pp 140 illustrations ISBN: 1 85260 571 5 NO: R EAN: 9 781852 605711 RRP: 12

The film will be a faithful translation from strip cartoon to screen, an urban comedy, rich with all the ingredients that are loved about the strip, and much more. Ogri, Mitzi, Kickstart and Malcolm, and their story lines are set free from the confines and restrictions of a single page. Side-splitting humour. Limited Edition Directors Cut in glorious animation. Includes a half-hour documentary on Ogri, motorcycling, making of the film and an interview with Paul Sample, creator of Ogri.
RUNNING TIME: 61 mins NO: OVOO1 EAN:9781859608142 RRP: £13.99 (including VAT)

The Ogri Collection

Bumper Selection of Ogri Cartoons-Volumes 1-3 combined,plus extra material.By Paul Sample.

Bringing together new and long out of print cartoons.This hilarious book from Paul Sample illustrates the mysterious obsessive passion that lies between a biker and his machine,not to mention his lady love,his accident prone side-kick and his car hating dog.

Hardback 270x210mm,192pp.Illustrated throughout with cartoons.ISBN:1 85960 616 4 No.H616.EAN:9 781859 606162. RRP:£14.99.

The OGRI Collection No.2

Here is a second bumper selection of Ogri cartoons, plus extra material created specially for the book, much of it in colour. The character, created by Paul Sample as a magazine strip, has been entertaining motorcycle enthusiasts since 1972. Ogri and friends — Mitzi of the big chest, dim-witted Malcolm, and a car-loathing dog — experience the ups and downs of biking life, and the bond that lies between rider and machine.

Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 152pp Illustrated throughout with cartoons, many in colour ISBN: 1 85960 693 8 NO: H693 EAN: 9 781859 606933 RRP: £14.99 UPC: 699414 00087 6.



Triumph's long and eventful history can be split into four major periods.The original era under the founder Seigfried Bettman endured from 1885 to 1936,followed by the creative period under Edward Turner from 1936 to 1968. After that came came the short lived NVT phase,which led to the formation of the Meriden worker's co-operative between 1973 and 1984.and finally we have the modern-day Triumph under John Bloor's ownership,producing state-of-the-art machines from it's plant in Hinckley since 1990.

Well known motoring author John Tipler has gathered together a superb collection of informatively captioned photograph's to detail the long history of Triumph Motorcycles.A fascinating read for Triumph owners and enthusiasts,this volume shows Triumph's many developments and off-shoots but gives pride of place to the beatiful motorbikes which are its hallmark