Engine Rebuild Service

A full engine rebuild using only the best quality components. Crankshafts are dynamically rebalanced and all internals checked and replaced where necessary. Contact us for more details

Below are possible jobs arising during an engine rebuild. This assumes that all other engine internals are in perfect and serviceable condition, and are within manufacturers’ tolerances.

Labour Full Rebuild/Gasket Set/Tab washer Set/ Oil Seal set/ Clean sludge trap /Grind big end journels/ Big end Nuts and Bolts Set/ Glacier big end shells/ RHP Drive Side Main Bearing/ RHP Timing Side Main Bearing/ RHP Gearbox small bearing /Gearbox Needle roller closed/ Gearbox Needle roller open /Gearbox Sleeve gear bearing/ Reynold Primary chain/ Shock absorber back plate/ Shock absorber spider/ Shock Absorber Rubbers/Alternator Cable Booty/Re-bore and platea hone/ Hepolite pistons/ Lead free Conversion/ Inlet Seats Cut multi-Angle/ Colisbro Valve guides/ Fit & Hone valve guides/Tuftrided Inlet Valves/Tuftrided Exhaust Valves/ Valve Spring Set

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