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T140 high strength 4032 aluminum alloy 9.5:1 pistons

Hi-Silicone, low expansion, Hi-Strength 4032 aluminum alloy. The ultimate for severe use in air cooled engines. 100% CNC Machined, utilizing the latest “Solid Works” CAD design. This allows for consistent cross-section providing the most even heat distribution with the highest weight reduction (lightest commercially available piston kits for less vibration).
• Lo-Dome “Tight Quench” design for efficient flame travel and combustion
• Zero Deck design for max power on pump gas (9.0-1 compression ratio)
• 2nd Ring-Land “Accumulator” groove to prevent unloading of the top ring from trapped blow-by.
• Updated wrist pin oiling
• 4 location pressure fed wrist pin oilers
• Increases oil volume
• Dual clocked pin bore grooving holds and disperses the oil around the wrist pin
• Minimizes heat buildup to prevent galling between the small end of the rod and the wrist pin
• Race proven ring pack features:
• Designed to remain perfectly round making for the best sealing, quickest seating rings available.
• Modern sizing for the least amount of friction with the most amount of heat transfer for cooler running pistons (longer life).
• 1.0mm Nitrided Stainless Steel Barrel-Face Top Ring
• 1.2mm Ferrox Cast-Iron Napier 2nd
• 2.8mm Nitrided Stainless Steel Rails with expander (3 piece design)
• Tapered wrist pin (I.D.) for rigidity and weight reduction
• “Micro Groove” piston skirt for high scuff resistance.
• Race Type “SpiroLoc” clips for reliability – won’t come out
• Latest piston cam design reduces noise


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