TR7 Manifold

“PREMIER” Amal Mk1 Carb for your Triumph TR7 “Tiger”. Improved version of the Concentric carburetter for four stroke use. The Premier version includes all the recent upgrades such as hard anodised slide, Stay-up float and aluminium needle valve. It has also been modified to use a new design of pilot jet. The new jet screws into the body in the opposite position to the pilot air screw and replaces the pilot bush previously used. This positions the jet in the same position as the pilot bush and in the optimum location for four stroke use. The jet can easily be removed for cleaning and has been designed to tolerances so close that the jet can be replaced if required without the need to re-tune the idle circuit. Everybody who has used the new carburetters so far have reported noticeable improvements in idling and low speed running. Mileages of up to 1500 miles have been reported so far without problems. The carburetter is currently available in 30mm only with a 2 year guarantee.


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