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Ultimate Oil pressure Release Valve 71-3447U 45.75 45.75

Motorcycle jack MJ1 156.30 156.30

T140 Ultimate Belt Drive kit Belt 01 341.50 341.50

Master Cylinder Front.Complete. 60-4102 188.40 188.40

Nikasil Plated 750cc Cylinder Barrel SMA1 975.00 975.00

Master Cylinder Rear Complete. 60-4401 133.65 133.65

Amal Mk II Choke Cable Kit AMCHK 110.00 110.00

Single Carb Cylinder Head 71-7505 745.00 745.00

T140 'Push in 'exhaust seal kit PI1 95.00 95.00

Switch T140E 60-7464 185.00 185.00

Speedo Clock Pattern. 60-7270 78.15 78.15
 Please state whether 'KPH' or 'MPH' required.

T140 Seat 83-7391 215.55 215.55
 Please state Model ,Year & if you have a 'UK' 4 gall tank or 2.5gall 'US' tank.

Sub Total 3,269.30
Shipping 25.00
Total 3,294.30

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