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WarningProduct: Handlebar rubber mounting Kit
This item is currently not available or is out of stock

Product: T140 Ultimate Belt Drive kit
This item is currently not available or is out of stock

QuantityNamePart NoEachTotal

Switch T140'V' 19-1965 115.00 115.00

Speedo Clock Pattern. 60-7270 78.15 78.15
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Ultimate Oil pressure Release Valve 71-3447U 45.75 45.75

Master Cylinder Front.Complete. 60-4102 188.40 188.40

Handlebar rubber mounting Kit HB1A 33.00 0.00

Nikasil Plated 750cc Cylinder Barrel SMA1 1,495.00 1,495.00

T140 Bike Cover SC60 38.60 38.60

T140 Ultimate Belt Drive kit Belt 01 775.00 0.00

Sub Total 1,960.90
Shipping 16.00
Total 1,976.90

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