Exhaust Systems

PIrosekit T140 'Push in 'exhaust seal kit
Put an end to those 'push in pipe' problems .This kit comes complete with tap and drill as well as a jig to ensure a perfect fit.Easy to follow instructions will ensure your machine sounds perfect and runs efficiently.Fitting time 2hours.
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Push in exhaust kit spare olive
Changing 'pipes over? Spare sealing ring/olive
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pushinbalanced Exhaust Pipes T140 '73-'78
£145.39 £125.00 On Sale!
Made in England with deep chrome finish(Balance pipe not included).
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Exhaustadaptor Angled exhaust adaptors (pair)
£55.00 £49.00 On Sale!
Angled exhaust adaptor to increase the rake and clearence of the silencers.. Works perfectly with the stock T140 13/8" 'pipe.

exhrosepushin.JPG Exhaust Rose- Push in
The Push In Exhaust pipe sealing kit, is a replacement for these roses. If your cylinder head is not too worn you can use silicone sealant with these OE alloy roses but they are just for cosmetics and don’t have a purpose like earlier “pushover “ ‘pipes on cylinder heads fitted with screw in exhaust stubs.
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exhpipewithbalance78on.JPG Exhaust Pipes (Pushover).T140 '79 on
Triumph T140/TR7 '79 on 'push-over' flanged 'pipes for use with T140's with exhaust stubs screwed into the cylinder head.
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exhaust rose with fastener.JPG Exhaust Rose for "Push over" exhaust Pipes
Exhaust Rose for "Push over" exhaust Pipes .Chromed and comes complete with chromed 5/16" bolt & Cup washer .
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71-0216.jpg British Stainless Steel Exhaust Rose
Stainless Steel Exhaust Rose for 'pushover' exhaust pipes. Complete with stainless 5/16" bolt & spherical washer.

balance pipe.jpg Balance pipe
Balance pipe for 'push in' and 'push over' balanced exhaust systems. Made in England.

exhaustrepairstub.JPG Cylinder Head Repair Stub
Stainless Cylinder Head exhaust stub tapered to ensure gas tight fit when threads on the exhaust port are worn.
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exhaustrepairstub.JPG Exhaust Stub
Standard original exhaust stub to fit 15/8" exhaust 'pipe.

exhlbrac.JPG Exhaust 'L' Bracket.
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silencehangbrack.JPG Silencer Hangar Bracket.
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exhclamp.JPG Exhaust clamp
Chrome clamp with bolt ,locknut & 'D' washers.
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T140Dexhaust.JPG T140D Exhaust Pipes
T140D Exhaust Left 71-7224 T140D Exhaust Right 71-7225 Collector Box 70-7206 Exhaust Pipe Brackets 71-7222/3
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71-7121sa.jpg T140D Exhaust Sealing ring
T140D Exhaust Sealing ring essential when fitting new screw in exhaust roses for your T140D Bonneville " special".

71-7120.jpg Exhaust Rose 'D' model.
T140D Screw in exhaust Rose in stainless Steel polished to a chrome finish. Made in England.
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TOOL-21.jpg Exhaust Rose spanner T140D
£11.58 £9.95 On Sale!

silencerquality.JPG Peashooter Silencer-Made in England
Superb quality Norton style Pea-shooter silencer. Deep chrome finish and seamless cones with Triumph slotted mounting , fits straight on and looks brilliant.
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Black Satin Silencer Megaphone Silencer
Megaphone Silencer Made in England with the original tooling and finished in deep chrome plating.The 17" silencers are specially made to fit standard T140 1.3/8" 'pipes. They feature alloy end caps & removable baffles for racing. "New for 2017" 13/8" T140 Megaphone in Black Satin finish chrome.
Please state if you would like Chrome or Black Chrome finish.

Burgess2.JPG Burgess Silencer (each)TRS 39.
TRS 39
"The 'original' Burgess with the original Triumph sound,looks and sounds perfect.Fitting Kit includes brackets and fasteners and is £25 extra.Fits Std T140 1 3/8" exhaust pipe. These pipes are made for your T140 1/3"8 'pipes without need for drop down adaptors used on inferior imported silencers(which are 35mm metric and won't fit either!).
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Burgessbracket Burgess Silencer Fitting kit (pair)
Pair of black powder coated brackets come complete with all mounting bolts etc. They will enable mounting of the Burgess silencers direct to your T140 .
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Lafranconilogo.jpg Lafranconi Silencers
A pair of Lafranconi Silencers Genuine and original .
Left Hand side only available

slashcut5.JPG Slash Cut Dragster Exhaust Pipes T140&TR7
Slash Cut Dragster Exhaust Pipes. Restocked .
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T140TTexhaustpipe.JPG TT Exhaust pipes
TT Pipes to fit the T140 Triumph Bonneville these are perfect for your T140 as original TT pipes were made for a "taller" T120 engine . As with all the bespoke exhaust systems the 'pipes are polished by Cecil (master polisher ..no argument) then copper plated before chroming, yes it is expensive but its a proper job using traditional sand filled tube; made here in England by Ben .
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TTbracketset.JPG TT pipe bracket set
Bracket set for T140 TTpipes

exhaustspigot Exhaust Manifold Spigot Conversion Kit
Triumph 650/750ccTwins, 1-3/4" . Exhaust Manifold Spigot Conversion Kit. Convert your Triumph twin to a 1-3/4" spigot to have big bore exhausts!

Streetrakweb.JPG Street Track Exhaust System
New for 2012.Street or Track day exhaust system maximum ground clearence. Developed on the track. Sounds as beautiful as it looks.The 'pipes are polished then copper plated before chroming, yes it is expensive but its a proper job made here in England by craftsmen .They are available unchromed too! (Silencers not included).

Hi level pipesd.jpg Hi level Hornet Exhaust System
£359.25 £295.00 On Sale!
Hornet style Hi level pipes .Perfect for your Flat Tracker.

newbonnyeconomy silencer.jpg New Bonneville Silencers
A direct replacement for your OE New Bonneville Silencer. Fits first time for that " sound of the sixties".

newbonnysilencers1.jpg New Bonneville Silencers.
Get the real sounds and look of the sixties with direct replacement TOGA silencers for your Hinckley Bonneville".Featuring straight through absorbtion type performance baffles,top quality chrome plating,stainless steel lagging and superior stainless fittings for a longer life.
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