Hinckley Bonneville Parts

newbonnysilencers1.jpg New Bonneville Silencers.
Get the real sounds and look of the sixties with direct replacement TOGA silencers for your Hinckley Bonneville".Featuring straight through absorbtion type performance baffles,top quality chrome plating,stainless steel lagging and superior stainless fittings for a longer life.
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newbonhose.JPG New Bonneville-Braided brake hose.
Increase your stopping power with braided hoses.
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newbonrearset.JPG New Bonneville-Foot rest kit
Stock riding position tends to give an upright riding position.which can be tiring in a stiff headwind.Our footrests move the feet back and slightly up to give a more relaxed position.The kit features alloy mounting plates with polished alloy levers & traditional styling.
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newbonbars.JPG New Bonneville-Handlebars Classic 'M' style.
The 'M' bars can be fitted in several ways but basically have the downward slope to the ends like our 'Ace' bars but higher.
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newbonlamp.JPG New Bonneville-Traditional rear lamp
Made from aluminium alloy and traditionally styled comes complete with all fittings.
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newbonseat.JPG New Bonneville-Classic Seat Unit
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newbondamp.JPG New Bonneville-Steering damper
The new bonneville has a tendancy to feel 'light' at the front end,particularly when using high handlebars.This seven way adjustable steering damper can really help the bike to hold its line on sweeping bumpy corners or when crossing lines or cracks.Easy to fit & unobtrusive.
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newbonmtacho.JPG New Bonneville-Tacho
If your machine is not fitted with a tacho ,this is the best way to find out what your engine is doing.The aluminium alloy mounting plate carries a traditional looking tacho head that is electronically operated.
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hbk113.JPG New Bonneville 320mm Front Brake Kit
A full floating 320mm stainless disc with aluminium alloy centre,combined with an AP Lockheed 4 piston caliper & sintered brake pads really make this brake kit an improvement over the standard item.
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hbk114.JPG New Bonneville TEC Fork Brace
168.87 135.00 On Sale!
We have designed this forkbrace to not only do a good job in keeping the front end straight and true, but also to look good. It is CNC machined from solid high quality aluminium alloy with a satin finish.It is not necessary to remove the fork legs to fit .
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hbk108.JPG New Bonneville IKON Suspension units
Remember Koni Dial-a-Ride units,now we have IKON.Progressive rate springs,4 way click adjustable damping & the same top quality,rebuildable too!A huge improvement in suspension stability over standard items. Supplied in black or chrome springs .Chrome shrouds available for Speedmaster & America models.
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Oil Cooler Kit.
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Half-race Camshafts(Pair).
BVT 16
"Half race camshafts,put the 'umph', back in your Triumph."
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newbonpshootHBS265.jpg Pea shooter Silencers
Traditional megaphone styling the silencers contain modern stainless steel wool lagging. These systems are hand made, polished & plated in England, come with all fittings & can be used with Triumph centre stands.
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