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Christmas gift coupon
The perfect Christmas gift for the T140 owner.

stainlesstopendset British Stainless Top end fastener Set
What an amazing finishing touch for your T140.All stainless polished fasteners including 12 point barrel nuts and British Stainless Pressure Release valve. A perfect Christmas gift.

smegcream Smibbs Hand cream
Maintaining a classic bike is a hands on job that can cause cracked and dry skin on your hands and especially fingers and thumbs. Smibbs is a Shropshire based cosmetics firm that have developed this unique hand cream formulated from 100% natural plant ingredient's. We discovered it really works to restore and rejuvenate damaged digits.

Runningtothelight The Postman
The Postman represents the complete story from Sydney to Alaska on 105cc Australian post bike named Dorothy.

The story was originally in two parts:

The Long Ride Home, about the original trip from

"Sydney to London"

, followed by Running Towards the Light, about the subsequent trip from New York to Alaska on the same bike.

Rather than sell the books separately Nathan has merged them together to make one book.

"For me it always felt like one trip and so this to me feels like a better reflection of my trip."

It also makes it cheaper to buy, so no bad thing!

All orders of the book will come with a copy of Getting into Adventure.

Please allow a few days for dispatch and postage.

Penguinest A Penguin in a Sparrow’s Nest

What the Reviewers Say

“It’s about motorcycles. It’s about growing up in England’s industrial North West, where I also started. It’s about the joy of reading. It’s about becoming a successful freelance journalist, a trade I’m still learning. And perhaps most importantly, it’s about becoming a successful human being. Frank writes ‘I am always looking to the next day – not worrying about the past, which can’t be fixed no matter how hard you try.’

“In fact, it is essential that you buy this book, because Frank says he won’t publish the next one until these are all sold. And I need to read the rest of the story!”

Highway Lass – Transport of Delight Blog

“Autobiographies are usually clouded by false humility, massive egos, and the natural inability to see ourselves as others do. What results is rarely more trustworthy than a ghost-writer’s fantasy.”

“A Penguin in a Sparrow’s Nest is different. Frank suffers from none of these conditions and this inspirational meander through the life of an ordinary man proves that he is anything but ordinary.”

“Adversity, sackings, hard work, determination, love, success, and the ability to cheat death all play their part – all under the umbrella of Fate – and leave you convinced of two things above all else: Penguins are categorically superior to sparrows and that life is very much what you choose to make it.”

Richard Newland – Deputy Editor Motorcycle News

“A Penguin in a Sparrow’s Nest ” is the fascinating story of Frank’s early life. It is warm funny and informative – and told by a master story teller. I could not put it down.”

Jim Redman MBE – Six Times World Champion

Out of the occasionally all too real fires of experience emerges if not a phoenix then certainly a Flying Penguin…

Rowena Hoseason – Editor “Real Classic Magazine”

Flyingpenguin The Flying Penguin

“The Flying Penguin” is the second part of Frank Melling’s autobiography, covering the period from 1985 until today – and it’s just as giant a white knuckle, roller coaster ride as the best-selling first book in the series.

Told in Frank’s inimitable style, you’ll find out; · How to cook rice – with two-stroke racing oil, of course · What to do next, when you’re looking at the business end of a Colt .45 · How to become an imitation World Champion for a day, and blag a free hotel room · What to say when you meet 15 times World Champion Giacomo Agostini – in the middle of the night, under a tree, in a Swiss Park · The pleasures and pains of organising The Thundersprint, one of the world’s biggest motorcycling events

Every story is unique, warm and manic and they’ll have you rolling on the floor laughing out loud as Frank takes you with him on what has been a remarkable life journey.

Parts Book.State Year & Model
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T140 Blank Card
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T140 Bike Cover
Specialy tailored for your T140 with elasticated edges and belly securing hook,ideal for touring and comes complete with foldaway pouch.
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slashcut5.JPG Slash Cut Dragster Exhaust Pipes T140&TR7
Slash Cut Dragster Exhaust Pipes. Restocked .
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bikelift Ultimate Hydraulic Work bench
The ultimate hydraulic work bench: KEY FEATURES: Table size – 2100 X 620mm Side and forward locking wheel clamp Foot operated hydraulic ram lifts 400kgs from height of 200mm up to 800mm Wheel mounted for ease of manoeuvring, with adjustable locking feet Locking side safety bars Removable plate for rear wheel access Integrated tie-down hook attachment points Automatic height-positioning ramp Non-slip metal tread plate Max load 400kgs CE Approved Free Triumph mug 👍
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Triumph Bonneville and TR6(Out of Stock)
ISBN 0 7603 0665 6
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Triumph Motorcycles from 1950 to 1988.(Out of Stock)
ISBN 1 85260 571 5
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The Ogri Collection.Vol 1-3.
ISBN 1 85960 616 4
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Triumph Bonneville T120/140(Out of Stock)
ISBN 1 85960 679 2
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Ogri Collection II.Vol 4.
ISBN 1 85960 693 8
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Ogri Video.
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a-ste-b Topbox
T140 Top Box .The shape means a greater capacity and it can hold a full face helmet. Its a strong rugged topbox with a 90 degree stop on the hinge, so even if the wind does catch the lid it will not be damaged. It is complete with fittings required to attach them the tubular rack. Front to back = 300mm Left to right = 445mm Height = 315mm

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