TriSparkClassicTwinKit Tri-spark digital Electronic Ignition Kit
• Extreme spark stability • Coil saturation control • LED static timing indicator • Automatic coil shut off • No Weights - electronic advance • No black box – complete unit under the cap The Tri-Spark ‘Classic Twin’ digital electronic ignition is a proven drop-in system for your Triumph Bonneville. There’s no guess work and no tuning required.

trisparkcoil Tri-Spark ignition coil
Tri-Spark have been busy working on new ignition coils – something that will be different to those already available in the market. The new cylindrical coils like the Lucas 17M6 and 17M12 are now oil filled like the original Lucas product. Why Oil filled? There are 3 advantages. Lighter than epoxy filled coils The Oil dissipates the heat generated inside the coil far more efficiently (particularly useful in high RPM racing and with some ignition systems that do not control dwell efficiently ie Boyer, VAPE/Wassell, Lucas RITA) The Oil is not susceptible to internal arcing which can quickly destroy epoxy filled coils (if a plug cap becomes disconnected for example) Oil filled coils have improved heat dissipation and work better than epoxy filled as epoxy is not a great conductor of heat. These coils will be perfect for customers using ignition systems that don’t control the energy that is put into the coil, letting the coil get hot. All Tri-Spark ignition systems control the heat to the coils with their unique design, other manufactures can’t make that claim. The appearance and dimensions are the same as the Lucas type coil (17m12, 17m6) Diameter 40mm and with the benefits of oil filled, just like the original coils manufactured.

Please state if you would like 6Volt or 12 Volt coils.

6 Volt is good to go with all electronic ignition systems.

12 Volt is old school points & condensor which actually work amazingly well.

tri-sparkIGC-2012small Tri -Spark Dual Output Ignition Coil
12 Volt 6 ohm primary resistance Tri-Spark twin output Ignition coil (IGC 2012).

Tri-Spark coils have extra windings using heavier wire and a high grade core for improved spark energy and duration.

We have added extra long 2'HT leads for remote mount options too.

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noiseinhibitor Tri-Spark Noise Filter
Use this filter in combination with the Podtronics Single Phase POD-1P-HP (also know as CS4035) Voltage Regulator. This filter will reduce the electrical noise produced by this regulator.

T140loom1.JPG T140 Wiring Harness.
Please state year and model of machine.
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T120 Standard Wiring Harness
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multmeter.jpg Multimeter
MULTIMETER - Universal Hand-held Durite digital multimeter with large LCD display for basic functions. Powered by 9V battery. CE Approved. Includes diode test, continuity buzzer and low battery sign. Fantastic workshop tool!

boyer1.JPG Mk 3 Ignition Kit
KIT 00052

"THE BOYER-BRANSDEN MKI 11|AND ALTERNATOR POWERED IGNITION SYSTEMS|The Boyer-Bransden MK1 11 is a contactless ignition system utilising an advanced and patented trigger switching system and featuring electronic, advance and retard.

"Engines function best with a retarded spark for starting and low revs, but need ignition advance to run at high speed. The MK111's analogue system simply advances the spark at a set rate from fully retarded to maximum advance, as engine speed rises from zero to 4,000 revs. Thus eliminating the inaccuracy of mechanical advance/retard units.

The alternator powered versions offer the same benefits for competition machines, where lighting is not required. There is even a competition unit which will run off a 6 volt Nickel Cadmium battery. We are happy to discuss any competition requirement you may have.

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boyer2.JPG Micro-Digital Ignition Kit
Kit 00081
"THE BOYER-BRANSDEN MICRO DIGITAL|The Micro Digital ignition provides almost total control over ignition functions. In common with the MK111, it offers|electronic control of advance and retard functions.But because the Micro Digital features a built in computer, the|size of a postage stamp, it can make more than a million ignition decisions per second, to constantly monitor engine speed and time the spark precisely to suit. The programming of this micro processor also gives control over ignition coil energy, starting speed, tickover stabilisation and rev limits!||In common with the MK111 these systems are manufactured using the finest semiconductors and are fully encapsulated to protect against moisture intrusion. All units are guaranteed for five years."
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micropowerkit.JPG Boyer Micro Power Ignition Kit.
Boyer Micro Power Ignition Kit.The ultimate ignition solution, the kit comes with full instructions and dual output micropower ignition coil.(Please contact us if you require more information)
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iridiumix.jpg Spark Plug Iridium IX
" Made from Meteorites" Iridium IX® Better for your Bonneville. The Spark Plug Serious Enthusiasts Rely On. Iridium IX® offers extreme ignitability, improved throttle response and superior anti fouling Fine Iridium tip ensures high durability and a consistently stable spark putting less voltage load on the ignition system and HT leads Iridium alloy has extremely high melting point, Trivalent Metal Plating - superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties Outstanding acceleration, high fuel efficiency and durability Ultimate design, technology and performance.

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champ.JPG Spark Plug Champion.
Original Champion N3 or N5 plugs.
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Pluglead.JPG Champion Spark Plug Lead with caps
Top Quality Copper core HT leads Please state whether 1 or 2 leads are required
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plugcaps.JPG Spark Plug Cap NGK & Champion.
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Spark Plug Cap Rubber
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coil.JPG Ignition Coil 'E'&'V'.
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ignitioncoilgrommet.JPG Ignition Coil Grommet.
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switchtRH140v.JPG Right Hand Handlebar Switch
'73-'78 Right Hand Switch Cluster .BACK IN STOCK.
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switchrepaiRH.jpg Lucas Switch repair kit
Lucas switch repair kit (1974-)T140 Bonneville TR7 Tiger. Longer type Arrow levers. Single throw right -Red Double throw left -Black Stainless steel internal fittings and taller buttons.
Please state RH side (Red stop/start switch )or Left hand side (Black Indicator switch).

T140VLHswitch.jpg Switch T140'V'
Original style left hand switch cluster '73-'78 .BACK IN STOCK.
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ignitionswitcv.jpg Ignition Switch 'V'.
Ignition Switch for T140'V'73-'79 . You might like an ignition lock & key too !
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ignitionswitchlock.JPG Ignition Switch Lock.
Made in England with the original "FS" keys and teflon coating for easy fitment and operation.
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switchbackingrubber.JPG Switch Backing Rubber'V'.
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Pod.JPG Podtronics Regulator/Rectifier
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Podtronics mount.jpg Podtronics Mounting system
Podtronics mounting plate fit your regulator/rectifier to rear suspension unit, for maximum cooling.

HeadlampswitchV.JPG Headlamp Switch 'V'.
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12Vrectifier.JPG Rectifier'V'.
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recEsolidstate.JPG Rectifier'V' solid state.
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pointscoverchrome.JPG Stainless Points Cover
Stainless Points Cover fits all Triumph twins
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pointscoverfinned.JPG Finned alloy points cover
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pointscoverchrome.JPG Points Cover.
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pointcovpil.JPG Points Cover Pillar Bolt.
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PointsLucas.JPG Points.Lucas 60600271.
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T140SwitchE.jpg Switch T140E
T140E '79 on left hand switch cluster & lever assembly.
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Points Wires.
If you still have points then you might need these. Soldered crimped and insulated for perfect continuity.
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rhswitchclusterandthrottle.JPG T140'E' Right hand Switch cluster & Throttle
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condensor.JPG Condensor.
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pulsepickup.JPG Pulse Pick up(5PU)kit '79 on Lucas Rita
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moira1.JPG Ignition Amplifier unit (60-7130)
A replacement amplifier that is capable of undertaking more advanced tasks than the AB11 RITA, this unit is fully compatible with the RITA trigger system, and maintains the existing mounting arrangements of the AB11 unit.
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Rectifier 'E'.
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recEsolidstate1.JPG Rectifier'E'.Solid state
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ignitionswitchE.JPG Ignition Switch 'E'. Genuine Lucas
Genuine Lucas Ignition Switch for '79 on T40'E' . You might like an ignition lock & key too.
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ConsoletopE.JPG Console Top'E'.
In Stock
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KeyCoverLateE.JPG Key Cover Late'E'.
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Switch Cover Late 'E'.
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Switch Cover 'E'.
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60-7240 Neutral Switch.
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aerco.bmp Battery.(Kickstart 9 amp).
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14ampbattery.JPG Battery.(Electric Start 14 amp).
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Solenoid.jpg Lucas Electric Start Solenoid

Solenoidkit.jpg T140 ES Solenoid fitting kit
T140 ES Solenoid fitting kit. Includes all the fasteners support washers and Solenoid cover.(Solenoid not included)

batterystrap.JPG Battery Strap.
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batterybuckle.JPG Battery Buckle.
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batterymat.JPG Battery Mat.
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rearlens.JPG Rear Light Lens(Pattern) 54585314
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alternatorrotor.JPG Alternator Rotor.
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Alternatorstator.JPG Alternator Stator.
Genuine Lucar Alternator stator Made in England
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statwgrom.JPG Stator Wire Grommet.
Made in England using original moulds for the perfect fit and longevity.
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External Alternator Grommet
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warninglights.JPG Warning Light
Warning lights (red ,green and amber & blue)
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Headlmapshell.JPG Headlamp Shell. Made in England
Genuine Headlamp Assembly Made in England with original tooling Superb quality . For Triumph T140V 1974-'77.

Headlmapshell.JPG Headlamp Shell T140 All years Imported
T140 Headlamp shell stamped Lucas (imported).
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headlamprim.JPG Lucas Headlamp Rim.
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Headlamplenseunit.JPG Headlamp Lens Unit
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HeadLmapRimClips.JPG Headlamp Rim Clips.
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headlampmountboltchrome.jpg Headlamp Mount Bolt Chrome
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headlampspacer.JPG Headlamp Spacer.
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hlamprimclip.JPG Headlamp Rim Holder & Screw.
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headlampshellgrommet.JPG Headlamp Shell Grommet.
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lucasindicators.JPG Indicator Lamp Lucas State 5"or 3"
Triumph Indicator lamp new stock manufactured on new tooling with Lucas trademark.
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indlens.JPG Indicator Lens.
Genuine Lucas Indicator Lens
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Flasherrelay.JPG Flasher relay.
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Flasher unit with mount.jpg Flasher unit mount and spring

99-1245.jpg Lucas type 8H 12v horn
Perfect replica of original Bonneville 12Volt horn
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horn.JPG 12V Horn.
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Orangereflecterrubber.JPG Orange Reflector & rubber.
Orange Reflector complete with mounting rubber , stainless self locking nut & washer. Original Made in Britain parts for your Triumph.
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reflectorbracket.JPG Reflector Bracket (UK).
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rearbrakeswitch.JPG Rear Brake Switch.
Rear stop switch includes wiring boot fasteners/washers for original fitting style on your T140.
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oilpressureswitch Oil Pressure Switch.Straight thread
£14.00 £12.55 On Sale!
Oil pressure switch,this is the correct thread to fit directly into your existing original triumph timing cover.Beware of of other 'tapered' thread switches that can split your timing case.
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Warning Light Flasher.
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Lightlensescrew.JPG Light Lens Screw.
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htlead.JPG HT lead (Copper Core).per foot
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brushoninsulate.JPG Brush on Electrical Tape
Formulated for use wherever a weatherproof protection is needed. Great for hard to tape areas.

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Lithium charger Lithium Ion 12V 2Amp Battery Charger With UK Plug
Intelligent Lithium Ion 12V 2Amp Battery Charger With UK Plug KEY FEATURES: The 12V 2Amp charger will take full care of Lithium Ion batteries Maximises battery power and life Recovers deep discharged batteries Features UK 3-pin plug Supplied with interchangeable crocodile and ring terminal leads

lithiumbattery Lithium Battery
£179.50 £155.00 On Sale!
SPS SkyRich LIPO14C Lithium Ion Battery KEY FEATURES: Super Performance Lithium Ion Batteries The latest in motorcycle battery technology The lightest and most environmentally friendly options on the market More than 65% weight saving of normal lead-acid type batteries Perfect for track and race bikes where weight reduction is an enhancement Unique casing design Less volume and weight No pollution Non-spilling Super cranking power Increased safety Excellent cycle life - 2000+ Easy charging

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