Fittedstartermotor Electric Start kit
£2,750.00 £2,450.00 On Sale!
Electric Start kit to fit T140/TR7. 10 more kits are now made . The price of £2750 includes fitting Please phone 01743 860146 for more details.

stainlesstopendset British Stainless Top end fastener Set
What an amazing finishing touch for your T140.All stainless polished fasteners including 12 point barrel nuts and British Stainless Pressure Release valve. A perfect Christmas gift.

Fullgasketset.jpg 99-7002 Gasket Set with'O'rings.
*UPGRADE*All the engine and Gear box gaskets including timing cover ,inner gearbox & timing cover.All 'O' rings including gearbox & primary inspection cover.The most comprehensive kit for the T140 Shop from top quality gasket materials ; featuring high quality oil and temperature resistant materials with and original wire reinforced rocker box gaskets . Keeps your engine oil tight and clean.ALL T140 GASKET SETS NOW UPGRADED TO VITON 'O' RINGS.(Increased heat durability and ethanol resistant.)
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topendset.jpg 99-7001 Gasket Set 'Decoke'.
£37.50 £34.00 On Sale!
ALL T140 GASKET SETS NOW UPGRADED TO VITON 'O' RINGS.(Increased heat durability and ethanol resistant.)
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Engine Oil Seal Set.
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71-4619.jpg Head Gasket (Composite).
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71-3681.jpg Head Gasket (Copper).
Made in England OE Copper Head Gasket.Re torque head once engine has been run after fitting your new Head gasket.+.080" gaskets are an opion for lowering compressin for ease of starting and reliable tickover.
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t140exhaustsealkit.JPG T140 'Push in 'exhaust seal kit
Put an end to those 'push in pipe' problems .This kit comes complete with tap and drill as well as a jig to ensure a perfect fit.Easy to follow instructions will ensure your machine sounds perfect and runs efficiently.Fitting time 2hours.
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Push in exhaust kit spare olive
Changing 'pipes over? Spare sealing ring/olive
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exhaustrepairstub.JPG Cylinder Head Repair Stub
Stainless Cylinder Head exhaust stub tapered to ensure gas tight fit when threads on the exhaust port are worn.
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breatherkit.JPG Bonneville "Bunn" Breather kit
The 2010 Bunn Breather is the only motorcycle crankcase breather designed to actively pump out accumulating moisture and sump water. This makes it perhaps the ideal motorcycle breather for its time, given the march of ethanol fuels.UPDATE:"The kit has been 'uprated' so the air filter was replaced with the more compact nylon filter housing The Bunn Classic Breather Kit manages the crankcase pressure and airflow.It stops pressure swings,cuts oil leaks and power loss.The breather is designed to do three things: cut crankcase air pressure and oil leaks, actively pump blow-by vapour from the engine, and reduce power losses due windage, oil drag. It is designed to assist engine function creating more efficiency and increased power .
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oilpressuregauge.JPG Oil Pressure Gauge
The gauge fits in 15 minutes (T140's tickover at 20lbs and 60-80lbs normal running)The kit is complete with all fittings Oil Pressure Gauge set comprises of a universal mounting bracket made in die cast aluminium, coated with a hard wearing black finish. The custom made clock reads from 0 to 100 psi. The clock bezel and body are made from stainless steel. The rear of the clock is finished with a push on rubber cover.
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oiladaptor.JPG Timing Case Oil pressure adaptor
With this adaptor you can fit the oil pressure gauge and retain the oil warning light .

TR7Head.jpg Single Carb Cylinder Head
For single carburetter TR7 application. The cylinder head is also available assembled with Hi-spec grade 214N Pulsed Plasma Nitrided & Tuftrided valves (£895.00). Easy modification to replace your Bonneville twin carb Head.The single carb head is out of stock at the moment.
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Head Fin Rubber.
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TR7manifold.JPG TR7 Manifold

71-3549.jpg Rocker Spindle.
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Piston&Block Set.
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71-4005.jpg Cylinder Barrel.
Made in England .The barrel's have exhaust tappet guide-block oilways suitable for all 750cc T140's from '73 onwards.
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70-8751.jpg Dowel (Barrel Stud).
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70-1532.jpg Dowel(Tappet Feed).
For cylinder barrels with oil feed supply to the exhaust tappet guide block.
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cylinderblack.JPG Cylinder Black
High Temperature Engine paint for T140 Cylinder barrels, also good for exhaust systems and engine cases if you prefer the "ratty" look!

Quantity   1      2      3+  
Price £7.45 £12.00 £18.00

Hi comp Piston Set (Complete).
Low expansion Silicon alloy complete with rings and pins
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Low Comp Piston Set Low Compression
Originally fitted to TR7 Tiger 750 ,these low compression pistons are great for town and country use. Easy kick starting too!
Please select your piston size requirement

71-3700.jpg Piston Circlips.
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99-3789.jpg Piston Ring Set.
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Hepolite Piston Ring Set STD only
OE Rings fitted to T140 STD ONLY .One set per piston.
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nikasil.jpg Nikasil Plated 750cc Cylinder Barrel
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Aluminium Tappet Guide Block
For use with Aluminium Barrel Assembly
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newpistons T140 Hi-Strength 4032 aluminum alloy 9:1 pistons.
£313.94 £250.00 On Sale!
•Hi-Silicone, low expansion, Hi-Strength 4032 aluminum alloy. The ultimate for severe use in air cooled engines. •100% CNC Machined, utilizing the latest “Solid Works” CAD design. This allows for consistent cross-section providing the most even heat distribution with the highest weight reduction (lightest commercially available piston kits for less vibration). •Lo-Dome "Tight Quench" design for efficient flame travel and combustion •Zero Deck design for max power on pump gas (9.0-1 compression ratio) •2nd Ring-Land "Accumulator" groove to prevent unloading of the top ring from trapped blow-by. •Updated wrist pin oiling •4 location pressure fed wrist pin oilers •Increases oil volume •Dual clocked pin bore grooving holds and disperses the oil around the wrist pin •Minimizes heat buildup to prevent galling between the small end of the rod and the wrist pin •Race proven ring pack features: •Designed to remain perfectly round making for the best sealing, quickest seating rings available. •Modern sizing for the least amount of friction with the most amount of heat transfer for cooler running pistons (longer life). •1.0mm Nitrided Stainless Steel Barrel-Face Top Ring •1.2mm Ferrox Cast-Iron Napier 2nd •2.8mm Nitrided Stainless Steel Rails with expander (3 piece design) •Tapered wrist pin (I.D.) for rigidity and weight reduction •“Micro Groove" piston skirt for high scuff resistance. •Race Type "SpiroLoc" clips for reliability - Won't come out •Latest piston cam design reduces noise.
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crank.jpg Crankshaft.
EN40B Billet steel Crankshaft. Features outbounded weight minimizing Flexing. Triple heat-treat, Shot Peened and Cryogenically processed then a final Ion- Nitriding for the strongest, longest lasting Crank Possible. Dynamic Balancing is included providing Customer supplies complete Piston & Conrod weight desired at the time of order. The cranks are made in batches , maximum lead in 14 weeks .Avilable in 90,180&360 configuration.
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70-3903.jpg Crank Sludge Tube.
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71-2800.JPG Crank Sludge Plug.
With Hexagon insert for ease of removal.This new range makes the cleaning of the sludge trap much easier as the bung can be removed without the use of an impact driver. No more chewed up bungs. Details | HB1 | 11.50mm thick | 10.00mm A/F Hex | Thread 7/8" UNF*20
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71-0082.jpg Rotor Key.
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71-3006.JPG Con Rod .
"Good enough for a Spitfire".The Hiduminium alloys or R.R. alloys are a series of high-strength, high-temperature aluminium alloys, developed for aircraft use by Rolls-Royce ("RR") before World War II. These con rods are made using RR56 .
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steelrods.JPG Con rod 4340 Steel (Pair)
Set of 2x Narrow H section 4340 steel conrods for strength and reliability during high engine load events.
Please state : 650cc T120 750cc T140

conrods.jpg Forged 7075-alloy connecting rods.
Heat Treated with keyed alloy caps and high tensile bolts threaded into rod.Employs the latest US stock car racing technology.
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70-9914.jpg Con Rod Bolt.
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60-3761.jpg Con Rod Nut.
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70-3586.jpg Big End Shells.(Std-.040).
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70-9336.jpg Crankcase Filter.
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dsbearing.JPG Main Bearing Drive
NKE Bearings are manufactured in Austria to the highest quality and are the the correct (fitted) tolerance for your T140.

(NKE AUSTRIA GmbH – a manufacturer of premium bearings – was founded in 1996 by a group of senior staff members of the former company Steyr Wälzlager. Within a decade, the NKE brand has emerged on the world bearing market as a significant alternative in the premium class).

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tsbearing.JPG Main Bearing Timing 3-piece Roller type.
Replace your Timing Side Ball Bearing with this 3 piece Roller Bearing from NKE.

A "must do" if you wish to fit performance cams.

NKE Bearings are manufactured in Austria to the highest quality and are the the correct (fitted) tolerance for your T140.

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Timing Pinion.
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70-1558.JPG Timing Pinion Key.
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SpragClutchKit Electric Start Sprag clutch Kit
To ensure maximum use from your sprag clutch.Replace with new inner and outer races incorporating the idler pinion and 24T Starter pinion.

60-7291.JPG Sprag Clutch
Sprag clutch bearing T140 ES
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71-7042.jpg Timing Cover.
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70-4569.jpg Timing Cover Seal Clip.
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70-4016.jpg Patent Plate with Rivets.
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70-4568.jpg Timing Cover Seals.
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Oil Pressure switch rubber boot
Made in England using original tooling.

Newmorgopump.jpg Morgo Oil pump
Morgo Unit High Performance Plunger Pump.
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70-9421.jpg Oil Pump 2-Valve.
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71-7317.jpg Oil Pump 4-Valve.
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trp_unit_prev.png Oil Pump Morgo Rotary.
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70-0495.jpg Oil Pump Drive Block.
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oilpressureswitch Oil Pressure Switch.Straight thread
£14.00 £12.55 On Sale!
Oil pressure switch,this is the correct thread to fit directly into your existing original triumph timing cover.Beware of of other 'tapered' thread switches that can split your timing case.
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71-3447.jpg Ultimate Oil pressure Release Valve
CNC Manufactured to highest spec from billet stainless steel.This will restore correct pressure to the oil system (60lb/sq in) ,compliments morgo rotary pumps and can aid crankcase oil level and pressure.
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Herringbone.jpg Herring bone oil pipe( £10 per foot)
Nitrile Lined Oil/fuel hose with herring bone pattern as fitted originally to many British motorcycles and your Triumph. Manufactured using the original Dunlop Mandril tooling, and 100% Ethanol resistant. This Herring Bone hose is the GENUINE product!
Select internal diameter .

alloypushrodtube.jpg Push Rod Tubes Alloy (Pair)
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71-3329.jpg Push Rod Tube
Made in England to original drawings with deep chrome finish.
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71-1707.jpg Push Rod Tube Sleeves.
Please state year of machine and engine/frame no.
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KBpushrodtubes.jpg Pushrod Hi-performance
Made from light, strong, and tough, aircraft quality heat treated seamless aluminum tubing. These push rods are assembled with hardened steel ends that are held to exacting radius and surface finish tolerances. They are a perfect match for the rocker and tappet. After assembly, the OD of the entire push rod is precision ground to create a part that is first class in finish, fit, and function. This is the push rod of choice for Triumph racers, rebuilders, and restorers .

71-3330.jpg Push Rod.
Made in England to correct tolerence from original specifications.Avoid problems with loose fitting end caps.Fit the best.
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inletappet71-7008 Inlet Tappet
Made in England to original drawings with stellite tip
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70-8801.jpg Tappet Exhaust.
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inletappet71-7008 70-3059 "R" 1 1/8 in. radius tappet
"R" 1 1/8 in. radius tappets for use with performance camshafts
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graphogen-in-hand Graphogen 50gram tube
£24.50 £19.99 On Sale!
What is Graphogen? Graphogen Assembly Compound is a colloidal graphite paste in oil and gives protection and peace of mind when running in all types of precision built machinery. Due to the high content of graphite in the compound, the paste is black in colour. The very low co-efficient of friction far outweighs the appearance. Graphogen provides an excellent safeguard against the potential rubbing or scuffing of metal components and is the first line in protection until the oil pressure is obtained.

graphogen.jpg Graphogen Paste
Graphogen Assembly Compound is a Colloidal Graphite paste in mineral oil and is used during assembly. All internal surfaces of machine parts - especially cylinder walls, pistons, and piston rings, main bearings, valve stems etc – are coated with a liberal layer of Graphogen. The paste is applied with a clean finger or brush, without being diluted. It will not run off treated parts whilst in storage and all internal treated parts are protected right from the start by a Graphogen layer of concentrated colloidal graphite. This will create a lasting skin which is self lubricating and retains the oil under difficult conditions. Sold in 10 gram sachets. (That's enough for one full Bonneville engine rebuild).

70-9352.jpg Tappet Guide Blocks.
70-9352/3/'79 on 71-7194
Tappet blocks are made in England from S.G material to give more resistance to wear and lugg failure. Precision made to very fine limits, these tappet blocks will give long and trouble free service.
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70-7563.JPG Guide Block 'O'ring.
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70-2441.jpg Guide Block Screw Washer.
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BVT11.jpg Mushroom Headed Tappet Adjusters
BVT 11
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70-2904.jpg Valve.
Exhaust&Inlet valve.T140 Hi-spec grade 214N Pulsed Plasma Nitrided & Tuftrided.Fits T140 & T120 Bonnevilles.
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71-3748.jpg Valve Collet
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valve springs.jpg Valve Spring Set.
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71-3294.jpg Valve Guides.
Superb quality Alpha Guides Made in England
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70-3209.jpg Valve Guide Clip.'E'.
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Valve Seal.
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Rocker Arm
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70-1575.jpg Rocker Shims.
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70-1574.JPG Rocker Shim Springs.
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71-7045.jpg Rocker Adjusters .
Made in England with Hex Head for accurate adjustment.Lock nut included .
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Rocker Box.
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mprockerfeed.JPG Oil Cooler Top End Kit
£104.19 £68.00 On Sale!
This T140 Oil Cooler replaces your rocker oil feed pipe with a fully finned billet manifold .It looks great and keeps your oil cool too!
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71-3550.jpg Rocker Oil Feed.
Rocker Oil Feed .Made in Britain .Superior plating with machine flats for a perfect seal.
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70-1335.jpg Spindle Copper Washer.
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Rockerboxbolt.jpg Rocker Box Shouldered bolt
Rocker Box Shouldered bolt
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71-3671.jpg Rocker Box Lid.
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allenscrewrockerset.jpg Rocker Box Stainless Allen screw set
Checking the tappets is a "must do" with a T140 . A dozen Allen screws to ensure secure fitting and ease of removal for your rocker box tappet inspection covers . Includes 2x gaskets and spring washers. Tappet clearance (cold) Inlet .008" Exhaust .006"
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71-3553.jpg Head Nut Bridge Plate.
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71-7017R.jpg 'Spitfire' Exhaust Camshaft
Spitfire camshaft for more midrange performance .
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71-0286.jpg Camshaft Bush (Large).
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71-0287.jpg Camshaft Bush(Small).
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mega camshaft.jpg Megacycle 'Street' Camshafts
Leave the plastic ones gasping at the 'lights',no changes needed to engine same followers same pistons.Power is increased low to mid range (5000rpm)
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goetze.jpg Goetze Piston Ring Set (1 set per piston)
£42.09 £28.00 On Sale!
Manufactured to the industry-leading Goetze NormForm specifications for aftermarket conditions, Goetze piston rings provide: Maximum durability High wear and corrosion resistance Excellent heat-conducting capacity Optimal fit Goetze piston rings have anti-scuffing properties that promote smooth engine operation, reduced oil consumption and long engine life. In addition, the Goetze process helps prevent materials from detaching and cracking and aids in environmental protection.
Please state piston size

Stainles Allen Bolt Set.(Three Covers).
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headbolt.JPG Cylinder Head Bolts.
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Cylinder head studs 3/8"
Made in England Stainless 3/8" barrel stud.

21-2204.JPG Head Stud Nuts.
So you have fitted the composite gasket(shiny side up). The stainless inner studs have different expansion rate to the easy to access outer steel bolts. When retorquing to avoid access issues I use a flat torque wrench on to the front rockerbox, with sawn Allen key. Note whether a ¼ turn brings the correct setting and duplicate with a suitable allen key on the other nuts; without recourse to tank removal etc. Don’t bother with an accurate tappet setting until the torque remains constant. 3rd time should be the one.Maybe go to 18&20lbs?
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Stainlessrockerbolt.JPG Stainless Rocker Box Shoulder Bolt Set
Stainless Rocker Bolt Set,machined to so that bolt is perfectly removable to check Cylinder Head Torque settings (use head torque tool SC32)
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Headsocketnutbridgeplate.JPG Socket Nut Set Stainless
This Stainless set is effective and retains cosmetic integrity in a gruelling high temperature environment.
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21-2205.JPG Socket Nut 5/16" Cylinder Head Stud
Socket Nut for 5/16" central cylinder Head Stud
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21-0544.jpg Primary Cover Domed Nut.
[Order]  [Checkout]

21-0550.jpg Spindle Chrome Nut.
Original Spindle domed nut in deep chrome.
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12pointbarrelbasenut.JPG Base Barrel Nut Set Stainless
Stainless 12 point Barrel Base nut set.
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21-0692.jpg Barrel Nut 12 point.
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21-2117.jpg Barrel Nut 6-point.
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Cylinder Base Nut washer
Base Nut washer for 6 point 5/16" base nuts.

Crankcase Fastenerkit.jpg Crankcase Fastener kit
Full set of fasteners for T140 crankcase complete with 5/16" heavy washers and original Triumph 'T' type nuts.

21-2182.jpg Rotor Nut.
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Barrel stud 5/16"
Stainless Steel Barrel stud 5/16"

21-7024.jpg Rotor Fan Washer.
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tabwasherset.jpg Tab Washer Set.
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57-0989.jpg Dowel(Timing Side).
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71-3542.jpg Engine Sprocket.
29 Tooth Triplex Engine Sprocket Made in England.
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60-3548.jpg Rocker Spindle 'O'ring.
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T140chaincase.JPG Primary Cover (late).
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60-4125P.JPG Primary Chain.
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Primarychainadjusterass.jpg Primary Chain adjuster assembly
Primary chain adjuster assembly .Kit includes Tensioner Blade Tie rod ,trunnion adjuster sleeve and abutment.
Please state Year and Model

70-5085.jpg Primary Tension Blade.
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71-3895.jpg Billet Primary Inspection plug
Beautiful Billet Alumonium Primary inspection plug (CNC machined in England)
[Order]  [Checkout]

71-7009.jpg Primary Gasket.
ASBESTOS FREE and the correct thickness to ensure gearchsnge lever does not foul the Primary Chaincase cover.
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71-3989.JPG Dowel (Front Engine Mount).
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oilspy.jpg Oil Spy - Engine Oil Test, by Monitoring Oil Condition
Oil Spy is an easy to handle product, which will analyse engine oil in approx. 15 minutes, giving the earliest warning of problems that could affect the weakest link in the engine...the oil. 1 drip of warm dipstick oil on the special pad will identify deficiencies & root causes that could otherwise cause catastrophic engine failure. Oil Spy gives the earliest warning of problems like leaking head gasket, incorrect combustion, valve & carb issues & many more that can destroy the oil & the engine in a very short time.Kit includes 6 Test cards and instructions.

Quantity   1      2      3+  
Price £19.75 £19.00 £17.50

mothers.JPG Mothers Aluminium Polish
£14.50 £9.99 On Sale!
We recommend Mothers for your T140 engine aluminium cases. Not suitable for plated chrome or anodized surfaces.

Quantity   1      2      3+  
Price £9.99 £9.00 £20.00

smegcream Smibbs Hand cream
Maintaining a classic bike is a hands on job that can cause cracked and dry skin on your hands and especially fingers and thumbs. Smibbs is a Shropshire based cosmetics firm that have developed this unique hand cream formulated from 100% natural plant ingredient's. We discovered it really works to restore and rejuvenate damaged digits.

Email 2000

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