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T140 Membership
The T140 club entitles members a minimum 10% discount on a selected range of over 600 OE items from Shropshire Classic Motorcyles.Membership is valid for 1 year and is now available UK and International. (Place your membership number in the coupon box when ordering).
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Clear Gasket Sealer.
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seafoam.JPG Sea Foam

Sea Foam cleans and restores lost engine power by dissolving petroleum deposits and residues.

Sea Foam lubricates upper cylinder parts for longer engine wear life and helps protect the entire fuel system from corrosion.

Sea Foam stabilizes fuel by resisting evaporation, gum and varnish formation.

Sea Foam controls small amounts of moisture and preserves ignition vapors so engines start easier.

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Price £15.75 £30.00 £42.00

Carb cleaner (400ml spray).
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mothers.JPG Mothers Aluminium Polish
£14.50 £9.99 On Sale!
We recommend Mothers for your T140 engine aluminium cases. Not suitable for plated chrome or anodized surfaces.

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Price £9.99 £9.00 £20.00

original polish.jpg Spray Cleaner & Polish

➤Anti-Static Properties ➤Reduce Dust Build-up

This is the "stuff." One whiff of its familiar smell and you'll know you are cleaning your bike with the best. The result is a showroom shine that you can be proud of. Original Spray Cleaner & Polish is the ultimate "detailer in a can" for your Triumph Bonneville, (ATVs, scooters, classic cars, marine and power equipment.) This product is totally portable and does not require water to produce excellent results and help protect against ozone and dirt accumulation.

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Price £9.99 £8.99 £8.00 £7.00

autosol.JPG Autosol
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cylinderblack.JPG Cylinder Black
High Temperature Engine paint for T140 Cylinder barrels, also good for exhaust systems and engine cases if you prefer the "ratty" look!

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Price £12.00 £22.00 £30.00

brushoninsulate.JPG Brush on Electrical Tape
Formulated for use wherever a weatherproof protection is needed. Great for hard to tape areas.

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Price £9.59 £18.00 £21.00

graphogen.jpg Graphogen Paste
Graphogen Assembly Compound is a Colloidal Graphite paste in mineral oil and is used during assembly. All internal surfaces of machine parts - especially cylinder walls, pistons, and piston rings, main bearings, valve stems etc – are coated with a liberal layer of Graphogen. The paste is applied with a clean finger or brush, without being diluted. It will not run off treated parts whilst in storage and all internal treated parts are protected right from the start by a Graphogen layer of concentrated colloidal graphite. This will create a lasting skin which is self lubricating and retains the oil under difficult conditions. Sold in 10 gram sachets. (That's enough for one full Bonneville engine rebuild).

exhaustrepairstub.JPG Cylinder Head Repair Stub
Stainless Cylinder Head exhaust stub tapered to ensure gas tight fit when threads on the exhaust port are worn.
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alarm5.JPG Alarm Padlock
1) This alarm padlock is widely used for security for motor bikes.and the buildings they are kept in 2) To alarm the padlock, unlock it and remove the shackle. There is a deep groove on the inside edge of one side of the shackle. When fitted with the groove on the key port side of the lock the alarm is active. As you insert the shackle the unit will beep. If fitted the other way round, the alarm system is inactive so when the shackle is fitted this way the unit will not make a noise. Disable the shackle when using on moving vehicles and change the shackle position to set the alarm when the vehicle is stationary. 3) Insert the key and turn clockwise to release the shackle and re-fit the shackle with the groove near the key port. The lock will beep to indicate the alarm is active. The padlock will be armed after 30 seconds. Turn the key anti-clockwise to lock the unit. The first time the alarm is triggered the unit will provide a beep warning. This allows you to unlock it without setting off the alarm. The next trigger will cause an alarm. 4) The two tone 110db siren will sound for 10 seconds when triggered and will sound again if triggered again. After 35 seconds without a trigger, the padlock will re-set so that a further trigger will give the triple beep warning before alarming.
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Price £17.50 £15.00

Lapel Badge.
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T140 Mirrors 'E'.
'79 on Black Vinyl Bumm Mirrors original equipment on T140 'E' and varients.
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HBM04.jpg T140 'V' Mirrors
T140'V' Mirrors in chrome with 8" stem.
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Ogri Collection II.Vol 4.
ISBN 1 85960 693 8
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Key Fob Leather.
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Bar End Mirrors (Chrome).
£17.94 £12.95 On Sale!
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tapox Petrol Tank Sealer Solution.
Tapox Tank Sealant. Designed to withstand 100% ethanol fuel. Most tank sealers used in steel motorcycle tanks are not ethanol proof, when they meet 5%-10% ethanol which is now present in most pump fuels, and they start to collapse blocking filters and carburetors. Tapox has a proven track record even when used with 100% ethanol fuels. Each pack includes sealant and activator, which when mixed should provide effective protection for a 3.5 gallon tank. Not suitable for fibre glass tanks.
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PIrosekit T140 'Push in 'exhaust seal kit
Put an end to those 'push in pipe' problems .This kit comes complete with tap and drill as well as a jig to ensure a perfect fit.Easy to follow instructions will ensure your machine sounds perfect and runs efficiently.Fitting time 2hours.
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Push in exhaust kit spare olive
Changing 'pipes over? Spare sealing ring/olive
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Triumph Greetings Card.
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T140V Wallchart(plastic).
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T140 Bike Cover
Specialy tailored for your T140 with elasticated edges and belly securing hook,ideal for touring and comes complete with foldaway pouch.
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cruzbuytoolkit.JPG Ultimate Tool kit
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HandBooksAnyYear.JPG Hand Books Any Year.
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sc82 Piston Support Clamp
£27.56 £19.50 On Sale!
  • Trickiest job on a re-build? Refitting the block has to be up there.
  • The PISTON SUPPORT CLAMP removes the need for wood, screw drivers ,prayers and anger management .

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oilspy.jpg Oil Spy - Engine Oil Test, by Monitoring Oil Condition
Oil Spy is an easy to handle product, which will analyse engine oil in approx. 15 minutes, giving the earliest warning of problems that could affect the weakest link in the engine...the oil. 1 drip of warm dipstick oil on the special pad will identify deficiencies & root causes that could otherwise cause catastrophic engine failure. Oil Spy gives the earliest warning of problems like leaking head gasket, incorrect combustion, valve & carb issues & many more that can destroy the oil & the engine in a very short time.Kit includes 6 Test cards and instructions.

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Price £19.75 £19.00 £17.50

rack-l1_1005420507 T140 Rack
T140 racks are powder coated in gloss black but we also produce a lightly polished, stainless steel version of each. If you would prefer your rack in a custom colour (or even bare metal) please contact us first and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. Fitting kits are each designed for a specifically sized rack, please state your frame number.

rack-w T140 Rack

a-ste-b Topbox
T140 Top Box .The shape means a greater capacity and it can hold a full face helmet. Its a strong rugged topbox with a 90 degree stop on the hinge, so even if the wind does catch the lid it will not be damaged. It is complete with fittings required to attach them the tubular rack. Front to back = 300mm Left to right = 445mm Height = 315mm

multmeter.jpg Multimeter
MULTIMETER - Universal Hand-held Durite digital multimeter with large LCD display for basic functions. Powered by 9V battery. CE Approved. Includes diode test, continuity buzzer and low battery sign. Fantastic workshop tool!

Stainless Steel Tax Disc Holder
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Parts Book.State Year & Model
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Workshop Manual 750cc
Original Workshop Manuals for T140V , T140E,ES,TR7 Tiger,Tiger Trail,TR65 Thunderbird (Original Edition Hard back 4 ring binder)."
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manual7378.JPG Workshop Manual 750cc.'73-'78.
TR7V & T140V & T140E Workshop Manual 1973-78 models original 4 hole for ring binder edition
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lockheedmanual.jpg Lockheeed Brake Service Instructions
The definitive instruction Manual for Front,Rear Master cylinder & Caliper Overhaul.

Sew on Badge.
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Ogri Video.
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toolkit2020 Riders Tool Kit & Bag.
Contains Tyre pressure gauge,Rear Suspension adjuster spanner, plug spanner, TDC Tool,barrel base nut spanner, flat screwdriver,rocker spindle seal tool,clutch nut adjuster/primary chain adjuster,tappet adjuster spanner & Imperial feeler gauges.
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buffs.JPG Buff
Seamless Neckwear .You can use it as a scarf or bandana.
Please state style

Penguinest A Penguin in a Sparrow’s Nest

What the Reviewers Say

“It’s about motorcycles. It’s about growing up in England’s industrial North West, where I also started. It’s about the joy of reading. It’s about becoming a successful freelance journalist, a trade I’m still learning. And perhaps most importantly, it’s about becoming a successful human being. Frank writes ‘I am always looking to the next day – not worrying about the past, which can’t be fixed no matter how hard you try.’

“In fact, it is essential that you buy this book, because Frank says he won’t publish the next one until these are all sold. And I need to read the rest of the story!”

Highway Lass – Transport of Delight Blog

“Autobiographies are usually clouded by false humility, massive egos, and the natural inability to see ourselves as others do. What results is rarely more trustworthy than a ghost-writer’s fantasy.”

“A Penguin in a Sparrow’s Nest is different. Frank suffers from none of these conditions and this inspirational meander through the life of an ordinary man proves that he is anything but ordinary.”

“Adversity, sackings, hard work, determination, love, success, and the ability to cheat death all play their part – all under the umbrella of Fate – and leave you convinced of two things above all else: Penguins are categorically superior to sparrows and that life is very much what you choose to make it.”

Richard Newland – Deputy Editor Motorcycle News

“A Penguin in a Sparrow’s Nest ” is the fascinating story of Frank’s early life. It is warm funny and informative – and told by a master story teller. I could not put it down.”

Jim Redman MBE – Six Times World Champion

Out of the occasionally all too real fires of experience emerges if not a phoenix then certainly a Flying Penguin…

Rowena Hoseason – Editor “Real Classic Magazine”

Flyingpenguin The Flying Penguin

“The Flying Penguin” is the second part of Frank Melling’s autobiography, covering the period from 1985 until today – and it’s just as giant a white knuckle, roller coaster ride as the best-selling first book in the series.

Told in Frank’s inimitable style, you’ll find out; · How to cook rice – with two-stroke racing oil, of course · What to do next, when you’re looking at the business end of a Colt .45 · How to become an imitation World Champion for a day, and blag a free hotel room · What to say when you meet 15 times World Champion Giacomo Agostini – in the middle of the night, under a tree, in a Swiss Park · The pleasures and pains of organising The Thundersprint, one of the world’s biggest motorcycling events

Every story is unique, warm and manic and they’ll have you rolling on the floor laughing out loud as Frank takes you with him on what has been a remarkable life journey.

Runningtothelight The Postman
The Postman represents the complete story from Sydney to Alaska on 105cc Australian post bike named Dorothy.

The story was originally in two parts:

The Long Ride Home, about the original trip from

"Sydney to London"

, followed by Running Towards the Light, about the subsequent trip from New York to Alaska on the same bike.

Rather than sell the books separately Nathan has merged them together to make one book.

"For me it always felt like one trip and so this to me feels like a better reflection of my trip."

It also makes it cheaper to buy, so no bad thing!

All orders of the book will come with a copy of Getting into Adventure.

Please allow a few days for dispatch and postage.

smegcream Smibbs Hand cream
Maintaining a classic bike is a hands on job that can cause cracked and dry skin on your hands and especially fingers and thumbs. Smibbs is a Shropshire based cosmetics firm that have developed this unique hand cream formulated from 100% natural plant ingredient's. We discovered it really works to restore and rejuvenate damaged digits.

shedlogo Door badge
Stainless door badge. 3"x3".

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