Motorcycle Lubricants specifically blended for your Triumph T140 Bonneville and suitable across the range of British Classic 4 stroke twins.

oilpack.JPG Engine Gearbox and Forkoil pack
Triumph Engine , Gearbox and Forkoil pack blended for your Bonneville.

engineoil.JPG T140 Oil 5Litres
Engine Oil for your T140 absolute top quality the perfect blend for your Bonny.
Please state SAE 50 for the summer or SAE 40 Winter

Quantity   1      2      3      4+  
Price 25.00 20.00 17.50 15.00
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gearboxoil.JPG T140 Gearbox Oil 500cc
Sae 90 Oil specifically blended for your T140 gearbox No Sulphur content to corrode phospher bronze bearings.

Quantity   1      2      3      4+  
Price 9.95 8.25 7.50 6.00

forkoil2.JPG T140 Fork Oil
Original red fork oil specially blended for your Bonneville.
Please state SAE 5,10 or 15 wt.

Quantity   1      2      3      4+  
Price 4.95 4.50 4.25 3.95
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oilspy.jpg Oil Spy - Engine Oil Test, by Monitoring Oil Condition
Oil Spy is an easy to handle product, which will analyse engine oil in approx. 15 minutes, giving the earliest warning of problems that could affect the weakest link in the engine...the oil. 1 drip of warm dipstick oil on the special pad will identify deficiencies & root causes that could otherwise cause catastrophic engine failure. Oil Spy gives the earliest warning of problems like leaking head gasket, incorrect combustion, valve & carb issues & many more that can destroy the oil & the engine in a very short time.Kit includes 6 Test cards and instructions.

Quantity   1      2      3+  
Price 19.75 19.00 17.50

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