Stainless Wheel adjusters


Question: Hi again. Yes, I do have an issue, getting the rear wheel to run true. Without a straight edge between the wheels, I'm sure you have a plan of attack. I am able to just squeeze my small index finger between tyre and m/cyl. but not between chain guard. Would I be on right track to make these two spaces equal. (410 tyre) It's about 6 am over your way so it would be great if you could assist sometime today then I could get an early start to beat the heat tomorrow, going to be another 32,34. Thanks again. Barry

Answer: Minimal clearance between tyre & chainguard. Tighten wheel spindle nut then do final clearance with chain adjusters (ensures they are tensioned& pressing home against swingarm end plates) Chain lower run should have 1" vertical movement.Have a great day Barry Cheers Paul Shropshire Classics

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