Piston Support Clamp *NEW PRODUCT*

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Conrod's are protected from the crankcase mount and piston skirts and base studs. Sealant can be used easily on the base gasket because you are not supporting the piston's on batons off the base gasket so it will not be damaged. Support clamp is made of plastic and will not foul the crankcase with splinters from wooden battons and can be cleaned easily. Clamps keep conrods in line with each other and support pistons securely, so making fitment of barrels easy. To use: Remove stud from one end and slide into place around conrods and under pistons. Replace stud and using wing nuts, clamp lightly onto both conrods. Turn crank so that pistons are as far down as they will go onto the clamps and you are ready to fit the barrels. Alternatively, you can use the base nuts as jacks to support the clamps
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