My T140 Gallery

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Triumph T140 model year -87
Triumph T140 model year -87
Dylan's amazing bobber
Full on SimonT140 Flatracker
Full on SimonT140 Flatracker
Tony's tribute

Simon had an outstanding weekend at Lydden .Here are his results: CRMC 1300 Twins Race 1 – First place (Fastest lap of the race) CRMC 1300 Twins Race 2 – First place (Fastest lap of the race) CRMC 1300 Twins Race 3 - First place (New lap record 45.1) CRMC 1300 Open – Third place Leading 1300 twins and 1300 open championships after Lydden... Still leading after a rain interupted win at Donnington.

Tjips Scrambler Bonny
This is Bob's brilliantly shiny Bonny. Chain and sprockets ready whenever you are Bob!

Made the seat base, side panels, headlamp mount, footrest alterations, and the total rebuild myself.

Jim Briscoe Triumph
Fully restored '78 T140V

This is my fully restored '78 T140V. The main optical changes are obvious: the T120 tank, pipes and mufflers and the paint work. The main technical improvements are: the dynamically balanced krankshaft, the Pazon Surefire electronic ignition and the 38 mm Mikuni Constant Vacuum carburettors. Have fun!

Hi here is a picture of the Thunderbird, all MOT'd late 82 model in factory "smoke blue" original paint, U.S. spec, not seen another but have seen UK low bar and tank models all the "Black crackle" engine bits have been replaced or may have left the factory like it!! Non standard peashooters and indicators and a rev counter now fitted to replace the original instrument/ignition cluster quite an unusual model was left in a Triumph showroom unsold in London from 82-87 hence the "D" plate. Many thanks for all your help.

Sean's take on the T140ES

This Sean's take on the T140ES, the only known racer in captivity... "This is the car as it stands after the recent rebuild. I bought the car in 1986, used it for sprints and hillclimbs and put it away in 1987. Now it is ready for circuit racing as a 1966/67 formula 4. I do not know the manufacture (I bought it as a Vixen) so if you have any ideas or know anyone who might know, I would be very grateful of any information.

Tawny T140 Brown and Gold, megas so I can hear it and new rings in mind...
This is José's Fabulous T140 ES. Repaired and restored by José Sanchez in the Canary Islands. All parts from Shropshire Classic Motorcycles

I’ve owned this 1974 Bonnie for 2 years now, it’s a US Spec 750cc which has had a number of changes - different pipes, shortened mud guards, early brake lights, early tank, no indicators – and has strengthened brake cables and obviously front disc brakes. Anyway I love it and thought you might too.

1974 Bonnie
T140 mudguards

Picked up the front and rear mudguards from you last month, thanks for the mug! All got back to New Zealand undamaged. Not sure if I sent you a photo already, but attached a couple of my Jubilee in New Zealand. As you can see, she's pretty standard apart from the seat. Thanks again for your help.

Adam Jenkins

After a ground-up restoration that took all last winter I can say it was worth every penny and all the time. Runs like new and looks even better. Robert in Michigan
T140 evolution by Terry Dactyl

Hey, Love the site, here's my '77 bonneville. It started life in the states and has had a minimum of stuff done. I have owned her for a year and have had some chrome bits redone, the tank repainted and new pipes but still have the marked originals. Only 10 k on the clock so it is in original condition, just needs loads of TLC. Rides real well but have to remember to turn off the fuel taps!!

1977 Bonneville

This is a '73 OIF T120 imported from the States in dire straits.The engine was seized solid and most of the front end missing. All the parts were sourced from Shropshire Classic Motorcycles. Nice one Bill!

Here is a picture of my 1980 T140E. It has been modified with Western bars, 650 style side covers and 650 pipes and mufflers. Sam Lewis San Diego, CA
It's original apart from the exausts. They are made from stainless steel and gives a deep sound Med venlig hilsen/Best regards Jens Peter Nielsen
1969 T120R

Hi and greetings from “Sunny South Africa”. I know it’s a T140 gallery but I notice you’ve already got a few T120 shots added. I figured you may enjoy an action photos taken of me on my 1969 T120R at the world famous / historic East London Grand Prix circuit. I’ve owned the bike since 1973 and first raced it at Roy Hesketh Circuit in 1981. It does 220 kph and I won an inter-regional classic racing championship on it in 1997. Modifications are as follows bearing in mind I’ve kept the drum brakes to keep it as original as possible but good enough to race. 11:1 Thruxton pistons 32mm Mk2 Amal carbs Gas flowed and modified heads and rockers 1 5/8” FRP 2 into 1 exhaust Dry clutch when raced Primary sprocket and clutch drum lightened 20T gearbox final drive sprocket Lucas Rita ignition – total loss (No alternator) Girling Gas rear shocks Akront 18” WM4 rims / 8 gauge spokes Steering damper Upgraded front fork springs Trimmed Ducati SS fairing Tomaselli clip-ons with QA throttle Battery in seat. Apart from that pretty original.

Mean moody and magnificent, Lange Heinz is 'very happy' with his T140.
...and here's one Lange prepared earlier!

Well, just to confirm that we're all (well I am!) complete idiots where motorcycles are concerned. Here is the last 12 months lowdown New Barrel/Pistons...New valves/springs/guides...New balanced exhaust..Second Hand Anglo Bike Silencers...Second Hand Koni Dial a Ride shocks...New Warlord Box Section swinging Arm...New TSX mudguards...Second Hand Corbin Single seat.. Second Hand Alloy 'Manx Style' tank...New Adjustable 'Jota' Handlebars..New Fully Floating Discs..New Cibie Concave Headlight..Progressive front Springs and damper rings...Odyssey Battery..... Hyde Rearsets to follow...

Hello there, Jack's my name, we're in Victoria, BC, Canada. I'm a 65 y/o retired mechanic and loves his bikes. Here is a shot of my '73 Bonny T140V. Totally stock, Cheers, Jack Foster
G'Day There, It's a '77 t140v which came from the States & sat in a shed for over 20 years. It only had 7,500 miles on it when purchased. Regards, Marcus (Cus)
Dreer Triumph

This T140 belongs to Johnathan Gill who imported the machine back from U.S.A. It was rebuilt to its current spec (Norton crank, Japanese electrics & carbs) by Kenny Freer of Norton Motorcycles. Several of these were built at the time so if you have any info on these 'dreer' T140s, contact

This is Ljubo Jurak's superb T140 from Croatia.
Tjip de Vries his super bonny
1973 T140V

I attach a picture of my 1973 T140V. 30,000 miles from new & entirely genuine as far as I am aware. I use it 12 months of the year. I have seen very few, if any in the UK, as early as this & would be keen to hear from others in UK & world wide who have early T140s (before the disk rear brake & US market types seem to have taken over).

Marc Fagan has done a superb re build on his T140 flat tracker
I race my T140 in the AHRMA Vintage Races Historic Production class.
Hi my name is Carl and I want to show you my FREE 1979 T140D I picked up in Phily Pa. the person was going to junk it. - 7000 miles. Mt. Laurel, N.J.
Brian Oakley's superb fresh out of the box unregisterered Royal Wedding.
Franco's Bike from Switzerland
Hakon Skarsboe's T120.
Bills Bike This is a T140 Special from '79.
Attaching a pic of my '66 Bonnie, setup as a cafe racer. Keep up the great work. Ian Cross Atlanta, GA
1973 Bonneville T140V

I am the second owner of this all original 1973 Bonneville T140V. It needed a good cleaning after sitting dormant in a garage for 20 years. 15,000 original miles. I am located in Philadelphia PA, USA. Would anyone know where to find two NOS original style silencers? (as shown in the photo) Thanks, Have a safe New Year and happy motoring --

Gordy's 1977 Bonnie New Zealand
The owner of this beatifully restored T140 is Filip Jelusic from Rijeka in Croatia. Filip and Edvard have been at work on the machine for two years.
1979 T140D Bonneville 750 Special

1979 T140D Bonneville 750 Special (Cafe Racer) "Retro Rocket" TM Drag bars, Emgo quarter-fairing, slash-cut muffler, rattle-can Krylon Black (what other color is there?) paint job. Just a simple, scruffy, business-like cafe racer. Just fast enough to get you in trouble and about all that the all-new brakes can handle!

Martyn Woodhead's superb T120
' 73 OIF 750. Hyde Aluminium Thruxton tank, swept back exhaust, 32mm mikunis, 4LS front brake, boyer ignition. Everyday ride in California. Chris
1973 T140V

Hello, last month, I bought a 73 T140V that has only 5980 miles on it. It was all apart. The guy was going to make a Cafe' racer out of it, and has bought a lot of parts. I have put it back together to the point it is rolling around. The engine was the only thing he didn't take apart. All the parts are super good. He polished all chrome and aluminum. I have a Morgo oil pump and Boyer Brandsen electronic ignition to put on. When I get it together, I can send pics, or if anyone wants to see what it looks like, I will send pics now. It has new Stainless Excel wheels, and new Dunlops on it. I also have a 70 T120R that I customized and completely rebuilt. I have put about 1200 miles on it since March.

Here's a 2006 picture of 'Bunnies' beautifully painted T140D special.
Brian's T140 is a 1980 and is used daily for his ride to work.