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Tri-Spark ignition coil

Tri-Spark have been busy working on new ignition coils – something that will be different to those already available in the market. The new cylindrical coils like the Lucas 17M6 and 17M12 are now oil filled like the original Lucas product. Why Oil filled? There are three advantages. Lighter than epoxy filled coils The Oil dissipates the heat generated inside the coil far more efficiently (particularly useful in high RPM racing and with some ignition systems that do not control dwell efficiently ie Boyer, VAPE/Wassell, Lucas RITA) The Oil is not susceptible to internal arcing which can quickly destroy epoxy filled coils (if a plug cap becomes disconnected for example) Oil filled coils have improved heat dissipation and work better than epoxy filled as epoxy is not a great conductor of heat. These coils will be perfect for customers using ignition systems that don’t control the energy that is put into the coil, letting the coil get hot. All Tri-Spark ignition systems control the heat to the coils with their unique design, other manufactures can’t make that claim. The appearance and dimensions are the same as the Lucas type coil (17m12, 17m6) Diameter 40mm and with the benefits of oil filled, just like the original coils manufactured. Please state if you would like 6Volt or 12 Volt coils.


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