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A Penguin in a Sparrow’s Nest

What the Reviewers Say: “It’s about motorcycles. It’s about growing up in England’s industrial North West, where I also started. It’s about the joy of reading. It’s about becoming a successful freelance journalist, a trade I’m still learning. And perhaps most importantly, it’s about becoming a successful human being. Frank writes ‘I am always looking to the next day – not worrying about the past, which can’t be fixed no matter how hard you try.’ “In fact, it is essential that you buy this book, because Frank says he won’t publish the next one until these are all sold. And I need to read the rest of the story!” Highway Lass – Transport of Delight Blog “Autobiographies are usually clouded by false humility, massive egos, and the natural inability to see ourselves as others do. What results is rarely more trustworthy than a ghost-writer’s fantasy.”


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