Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph’s long and eventful history can be split into four major periods.The original era under the founder Seigfried Bettman endured from 1885 to 1936,followed by the creative period under Edward Turner from 1936 to 1968. After that came came the short lived NVT phase,which led to the formation of the Meriden worker’s co-operative between 1973 and 1984.and finally we have the modern-day Triumph under John Bloor’s ownership,producing state-of-the-art machines from it’s plant in Hinckley since 1990.

Well known motoring author John Tipler has gathered together a superb collection of informatively captioned photograph’s to detail the long history of Triumph Motorcycles.A fascinating read for Triumph owners and enthusiasts,this volume shows Triumph’s many developments and off-shoots but gives pride of place to the beatiful motorbikes which are its hallmark.


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